Lab Grade

Labwork counts toward your "20% other" part of your overall grade in chemistry.

If you are present for a lab and work well throughout the lab, following the lab instructions, you can earn up to 10 points for that lab. A 10 means that you did a good lab, clearly understanding the goals and the theory behind the lab and contributing correcty to the theory discussion before the lab begins.

If you do not follow instructions and make some mistakes as a result, you may earn less. If you fool around during lab you will definitely lose some points.

If you are absent for a lab, you get 0 points for that particular lab unless you make up the lab.

If the whole class misses the lab due to a school related event, then your lab group will attend next week's lab session and the other lab group will come the week after that. When the whole group misses a lab, then the lab will not be counted toward your lab grade.

Makeup Option 1: You have a planned event taking place during the 2nd week the lab is offered and you will miss lab that day because of this planned event (for example, a musical event at the KST). Then you must come in the first week the lab is offered and complete the lab then. Option 3 does not apply to you in this case.

Makeup Option 2: You missed the lab in the first week the lab was offered. You come during the 2nd lab session for that lab in the next week and you can get up to 10 points back.

Makeup Option 3: Due to an unexpected illness, you missed the lab in the second week the lab was offered. You then email Mr. B within two school days of the day you missed the lab to find out what the alternative makeup assignment for that lab is (usually a written assignment). You complete this assignment and make sure that you give it to Mr. B within one week of the missed lab to earn up to 10 points for the missed lab.

After one week has passed, the lab cannot be made up and the points for the missed lab will remain at 0 points.