Chemistry Labs

Note: The labs are not necessarily done in this order.

P01 Lab Safety

P01 Introduction to Lab

P02 Distillation

P03 Sulfur

P04 Ion Migration

P05 Anodizing a Pen Case

P06 Identifying Substances

P07 Excel Titration

P08 Lotions

P09 Soap

P10 Hydrocarbons

P11 Reaction Rate

P12 Oscillating Reactions

P13 Chemical Equilibrium

P14 Magnesium and Iodine

P15 Batteries

P16 Analyzing Salts

P17 Carbon Dioxide

P18 Making Hydrochloric Acid

P19 Gas Chromatography

P20 Gummi Bears

P21 Chlorine Content in Pools

P22 Dilution Series